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The 3 Fundamental Pillars On Which You Can Build Your Fundraising Strategy

Pillars of Fundraising Success - Cheat Sheet - Florian Kandler

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Knowledge shared by Florian Kandler as the official Pitch Coach of:

Der Pitch Doktor ist offizieller Pitch Coach von

Knowledge shared by Florian Kandler as the official Pitch Coach of::

pitch doktor ist offizieller pitch coach


Pitch Doktor Florian Kandler

I help startup founders build fundable startups and find the right investors. I share my 15 years of experience, having started 3 companies myself, two of which closed three funding rounds with VCs and Business Angels in Europe and the USA.

Take advantage of this free eBook. I’ve created it to help founders and innovators on their journey from idea to successful business. When I was a young first-time founder, experienced people helped me, too. This way, I want to make my contribution now. I also want to invite you to join our community of founders and innovators across Europe. 

Enjoy this Cheat Sheet. And feel free to reach out to me any time on LinkeIn or via Email.

Kind regards,

Florian Kandler
– Keep up that startup spirit!

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